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Winter is Coming: How to Prepare

Winter is coming and we want you to be prepared! Below are some common things to keep in mind as we move into the chilly months of the Pacific Northwest. 


Staying warm is tops! But, on a rare occasion, if the heat does go out we want you to know what to do! First, submit a work order online via your Appfolio resident portal and then contact your property manager to let them know. They can provide you with an electric heater while we expedite the repair. This allows our maintenance team to prioritize your needs! Don’t know how to submit? See our tenant portal for more. 


Breath deep and be sure your apartment home is properly ventilated in the cold months too! Especially during/after showering and cooking. We are located in the lovely but humid PNW, and because many Bristol buildings are vintage and don’t have modern HVAC, be sure to crack a window. Failing to ventilate, especially in cold weather, can cause an increase in humidity inside and create that oh-so-sticky feeling that nobody loves.

Heating Temperature

As the temperature drops, the humidity in the air rises and so does the potential for damage. To that end, do not turn off your heat when you leave for work or vacation. Feel free to drop your heat to 65 degrees, but we suggest maintaining that as a minimum temperature to avoid any risk of added moisture in your unit to mitigate the potential of damage, especially in very cold weather when pipes can freeze.  

Furniture a Flame

Furniture too close to heaters becomes a quick fire hazard! Love your stuff? Preserve it by ensuring it doesn’t get scorched on a hot register, live fireplace or gas stove. Bonus: it keeps the community in your building safe, too! Everybody wins!

Noise Awareness

With rainy season upon us, inside fun becomes the norm. And SOMETIMES, noise from inside the building may increase. As a reminder, please be aware of neighbors and keep noise levels reasonable. Unavoidable eavesdropping makes it awkward for everyone. 🙂


Taking the garbage out in the rain is no fun! But what’s even LESS fun is picking up wet trash off the ground when it doesn’t make it into the bins! Be kind, “make the basket” so your neighbors aren’t picking up that wet rubbish. Bad day? Take your frustrations out while you break the cardboard boxes down, too. Then send that negative energy sailing when you put the obliterated cardboard in the proper bin. If the garbage/recycling has a lock, relock it out of consideration for the safety of others in your community. Trash panda memes are cute, but raccoons in person are dangerous. 


Bristol Urban Halloween Contest: A Scary Good Time!

It’s a spooky fun time of year in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve got some real creatives in our Bristol Family of residents. Check out these hauntingly good entries for the Broadmoor Manor pet costume and porch decoration contest! Thank you to everyone who 

Please send us your vote via email: and put your vote in the subject line!!  Voting will be open until Monday at 6 pm! Winner will be announced via Instagram story on Tuesday 10/27. Winner will be notified via email! 






















































We Choose Local


Since 1990, we’ve acquired and renovated more than 30 historic and vintage buildings in Portland.

Keeping these buildings from being demolished supports three goals:

    • Helps preserve Portland’s rich architectural character
    • Simultaneously creates an affordable housing stock, rich with charm
    • Supports the local skilled-trade industry with ongoing opportunities for renovations and updates

We love what we do, but it quite literally DOES take a village. If we acquire a building that’s been sitting in dangerous disrepair for years, the renovation list can run long and take time. And as with any vintage beauty, be it a car, a boat or a building: ongoing maintenance and repairs are common and to be expected.

Here’s what a typical acquisition renovation list could include:

    • Electrical updates
    • Mitigating fire safety hazards
    • Plumbing repairs and updates
    • Window replacements
    • Landscaping
    • Painting
    • Structural repairs
    • Flooring replacements

We’re proud to acknowledge that we work diligently to source the majority of our certified vendors from reputable service providers locally, here in Portland. Exceptions do occur from time-to-time, but that being said, all vendors we choose to partner with, are Oregon local.

Ensuring that all of our 34 buildings are exceedingly up to code requires deep, strategic partnerships and we’re proud to say that we’ve worked with some of the finest skilled-trade talent in the state.

To our residents who keep us alert and aware: thank you for stewarding these beautiful buildings alongside us. To our vendor partners: we couldn’t do this without you!


Fun Fall Festivities – Portland & Beyond

Autumn is truly a magical time in the great Pacific Northwest. Whether you’re new to the area or a longtime resident, one thing’s for certain: fall sure looks beautiful on Portland and the surrounding areas.

With the bounty of harvest season in full swing and the colors of change vibrant like the crisp air, it’s a time to enjoy those last few fall adventures as winter nears. Portland’s closeness to Sauvie Island, and the Columbia River Gorge make access to fun fall activities relatively easy!

We want our Bristol family of residents not to miss out on any excitement, so below, we’ve curated a list of the greats for your enjoyment!


Plumper Pumpkins

      • ABOUT: All you need to know in three words: “pumpkin flinging machine.”
      • HOURS: Daily, 9am – 5:30pm (pumpkin flinging on weekends only)
      • COST: $12 weekend general admission adventure pass, contact directly for other options
      • LOCATION: 11435 NW Old Cornelius Pass Rd., Portland, OR 97231

Fazio Farms

      • ABOUT: Goats, a corn maze, hayrides, bouncy slides and all the fun at Fazio Farms!
      • HOURS: Monday-Friday: 4pm – 8pm and Saturday-Sunday: 9am – 8pm
      • COST: Varies from $1–$8 per activity (token packages also available online)
      • LOCATION: 9028 NE 13th Ave., Portland, OR 97211


Bella Organic Corn Maze

      • ABOUT: With lengthy weekend hours and generous weekday hours, this 7-acre, 2.7 mill start-to-finish corn maze is sure to keep you guessing!
      • HOURS:  Sunday-Thursday: 9am – 6pm and Friday-Saturday: 9am – 10pm
      • COST: Corn maze: $6 (ages 6-12),  $8 (ages 13+) , haunted maze $20
      • LOCATION: 16205 NW Gillihan Rd., Portland, OR 97231

The Pumpkin Patch

      • ABOUT: Free pumpkin picking hayrides, a big red animal barn, a bigfoot maze, carmel apples, elephant ears, kettle corn and more, this is a one-stop-fall-fest shop!
      • HOURS: Daily, 10am – 6pm (some attractions until 10pm Saturdays)
      • COST: Free parking, free entrance, free activities
          •  0-9 lbs = $3.00
          • 10-19 lbs = $5.00
          • 20-29 lbs = $7.00
          • 30+ lbs = $10.00
      • LOCATION: 16511 NW Gillihan Rd., Portland, Oregon 97231


Packer Farm

      • ABOUT: Pumpkin bowling, hayrides and human foosball make this Hood River farm a great place to fall for fall!
      • HOURS: Daily, 10am – 5pm
      • COST: Mon-Thurs – $5/person, Fri-Sun – $7/person
      • LOCATION: 3020 Thomsen Rd., Hood River, OR 97031


Inspiring apartment decor designs

Our vintage apartment homes ooze historic charm. Unique layouts, beautiful original details like ornate light fixtures, crystal doorknobs, built-in cabinets and wood floors make these spaces rich with character. Not to mention they are beautifully situated in Portland, Oregon, a gem of the Pacific Northwest.

We love seeing how our Bristol Urban family of residents show their personalities throughout these spaces. Our Instagram, Facebook and Lifestyle photoblog give a glimpse into some of the most unique apartment decor styles these historic buildings have likely seen!

Need more inspiration? We’ve rounded up the top 5 apartment decor tips from publications like Apartment Therapy, Domino Mag, Elle Decor and more.

  • Layer it up: Brights, whites, prints, patterns. When done well, these combos can make any space feel huge. Peep the vibe in this unique Brooklyn apartment.
  • Sneaky Storage: Consider in-plain-sight storage solutions! Stacks, shelves and tables can make storage that looks like art. Better Homes & Gardens shares several fun ideas.

Go Green: Plants can make a space feel lush, vibrant and large. Consider adding easy care houseplants to your decor theme. Here are some great examples from Pop Sugar.

For the Love of Architecture and Color

Bristol’s birth in January 1990 was the result of a lifelong dream that the creative designs by architects and builders of the past would have renewed appeal to urban apartment dwellers of the future.

Slowly emerging out of one of the worst recessions in a lifetime, Portland in the early 1990’s was an urban area with a damaged soul. Blight was pervasive on both sides of the Willamette River with neighborhoods like Northwest Alphabet and SE Hawthorne riddled with empty storefronts and deteriorating pre-WWII commercial and multifamily buildings. Living, dining, and shopping downtown was not viewed as a desirable lifestyle people moving to Portland for work chose the suburbs for a better quality of life.

Bristol’s bet was simply that vintage well-located apartments in the urban core had artistic character and presented an affordable and attractive lifestyle option to renters. Looking back to new apartment construction in the 70’s and 80’s developers were focused on the then modern amenities of larger more functional kitchens, decks with sliding glass door access, one-piece fiberglass tub/shower bathrooms, and off-street parking amenities.

Bristol properties provided renovated original architectural features including hardwood floors, tile bathrooms, solid wood cabinets, cast iron bathtubs, and interior common hallways featuring color and style with period lighting, stylish carpeting, and faux painted trim and entry doors. Bristol’s staff and vendors skilled at working on the building materials of the ‘20s and ‘30s painstakingly focused on all surfaces and infrastructure with the goal of delivering sparkling, well-functioning apartments at an affordable price.

Beginning with the acquisition and renovation of two properties in NW Portland in 1990 (29 years later we still own the Greenway Apartments at 1958 NW Irving) Bristol now owns and manages 35 historically significant urban properties located in Portland’s vibrant neighborhoods and continues to grow every year.

Bristol properties are easy to identify as many are painted with vibrant colors and restored grand front doors adorned with period exterior light fixtures.

As a local owner Bristol’s goals are significantly different from other companies in the industry. Our first two priorities as a housing provider are 1) service to our residents; and 2) maintaining our properties for very long-term ownership. Our highly trained professional staff measures success by resident satisfaction which is monitored daily by surveys and feedback tools. We are very proud of the consistent positive feedback we receive from our residents in all phases of our operation.

Bristol and its staff have supported many non-profit and social service organizations over the past 29+ years and view our involvement and commitment to the community as a vital part of our mission.

Significant gifts to the Oregon Food Bank, Central City Concern, Northwest Pilot Projects and The Freshwater Trust coupled with our volunteer efforts at Potluck in the Park reaffirm our connection to the community and the environment.

We look forward to celebrating our 30 year anniversary in 2020 and look forward to what the future will present us in our beloved city of Portland.

Portland Pride

Portland is a unique city full of vibrant and wonderful people, amazing food culture, beautiful nature, abundant amenities and more.

Needless to say, we are proud of the community of residents we’ve helped make this magical place home. Next year, 2020, will be our 30th year offering inviting spaces for people to settle into and build their Portland lives.

When we set out on this dream to preserve and restore Portland’s vintage charm in 1990, we never thought we would have grown to restore 30+ buildings.

In these past 29 years, our historic buildings have been home to thousands of people. Many who’ve gone on to make an impact in their own communities and in the greater Pacific Northwest!

Our love letter to Portland has become a novel. We wait with wonder-filled eyes to see what the next 29 years brings. We couldn’t be more grateful for these opportunities and for that, we say Thank You.

What A Year!!!!


Portland is growing by leaps and bounds as a focal point of interest in our dear Pacific Northwest.

And as city’s the population continues to grow, the need for community-based supported services also increases.  As a small, locally-owned Portland business, supporting our community is a top priority.

Throughout the past 12 months we’ve donated $5,000 to the Oregon Food Bank, $5,000 to the Oregon Humane Society and lead a massively successful clothing drive for the Portland Rescue Mission. We also continued our commitment to the NW Pilot Project, a nonprofit organization ensuring Multnomah County’s most vulnerable senior populations have access to affordable housing and transportation.

Looking back, 2018 brought a tremendous amount of growth. Not only for the city, but for us as well. We’ve added two properties to our community portfolio with the Bradford, a 10 unit–multifamily building and the John C Burns a 2 unit – commercial building.

Our community also expanded further into the digital world with a bigger, more robust blog, photography portfolio, as well as a newly updated Facebook page and our first Instagram profile. The support we’ve received from our digital community has really exemplified the curious, fun and community-minded nature of our Portland family of residents and we couldn’t be more grateful.

As we dive deeper into 2019, we’re excited about what the next 12 months can bring. From being more actively engaged in the  Portland area to expanding our offering of vintage apartment homes even further. Our team enters this new year with gratitude and warmth that we hope finds you all well and headed into an amazing 2019.

Voting in Portland!



Midterms are here in Portland and we want you to know: YOUR VOTE MATTERS!
Curious about what’s on the ballot? Check out the state-issued, nonpartisan Oregon Voters
Guide , a handy tool to understanding local and statewide ballot measures and candidates.
This year, we’re proud to support Loretta Smith for Portland City Commissioner for her track
record of success and dedication to issues like low-income housing.
No matter how you vote, we thank you for doing it! If you’re voting by mail, be sure to send
your ballot in ASAP with a forever stamp. Mail-in ballots MUST be received (not postmarked) by
11/6 at 8 p.m.
We’ve also created a helpful list of ballot drop box locations based on the Oregon Secretary of
State drop box locator and have included it below for our Bristol family of residents!
Ballots are due to drop box locations on Tuesday, November 6th by 8 p.m. don’t forget!

Beat the Portland Heat!

A heat wave is upon us here in Portland and the greater Pacific Northwest and everyone is feeling it! Not to fear, we’ve got some heat hacks for you.

Here’s a great list from the Centers for Disease Control on how to keep yourself and your loved ones and pets from heat-related illnesses this summer!

**Also a friendly reminder if you’re using a portable AC unit, avoid brown-out by not using appliances like microwave and hairdryers while it’s running!

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