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We Choose Local


Since 1990, we’ve acquired and renovated more than 30 historic and vintage buildings in Portland.

Keeping these buildings from being demolished supports three goals:

    • Helps preserve Portland’s rich architectural character
    • Simultaneously creates an affordable housing stock, rich with charm
    • Supports the local skilled-trade industry with ongoing opportunities for renovations and updates

We love what we do, but it quite literally DOES take a village. If we acquire a building that’s been sitting in dangerous disrepair for years, the renovation list can run long and take time. And as with any vintage beauty, be it a car, a boat or a building: ongoing maintenance and repairs are common and to be expected.

Here’s what a typical acquisition renovation list could include:

    • Electrical updates
    • Mitigating fire safety hazards
    • Plumbing repairs and updates
    • Window replacements
    • Landscaping
    • Painting
    • Structural repairs
    • Flooring replacements

We’re proud to acknowledge that we work diligently to source the majority of our certified vendors from reputable service providers locally, here in Portland. Exceptions do occur from time-to-time, but that being said, all vendors we choose to partner with, are Oregon local.

Ensuring that all of our 34 buildings are exceedingly up to code requires deep, strategic partnerships and we’re proud to say that we’ve worked with some of the finest skilled-trade talent in the state.

To our residents who keep us alert and aware: thank you for stewarding these beautiful buildings alongside us. To our vendor partners: we couldn’t do this without you!


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